Tuesday, June 15

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38 Dolphins released back into sea

38 Dolphins released back into sea

A team of experts from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Fisheries Commission has released 38 of the dolphins that were washed ashore at Axim-Bewire last Sunday back into the sea. However, 25 of the marine mammals that were found dead in the communities have been buried. Officials said an estimated 120 dolphins were washed ashore alive, but they were weak and unable to swim back to their habitat. Some people picked 29 of the sea mammals to the communities but a search found all of them dead. Consequently, 25 of the carcasses were buried, while four were taken to the University of Cape Coast for examination. The rest of the dolphins, according to the team, could not be accounted for. Besides, the heads, tails and pieces of dismembered parts o...
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