Friday, February 23

US ambassador applauds Liberia for setting an example

Linda Thomas Greenfield

The US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas Greenfield has rated Liberia as an example for democracy for the whole of Africa.

Following her recent visit of the region, she told journalists in New York that with the second post-civil war democratic transition and a sitting president gracefully accepting defeat, Liberia “is truly an example for not just West Africa, but the entire continent of Africa”.

“We really should commend Liberians for that success,” she said.

Her comments follow a spate of coups in the region which some have equated to a lack of faith in democracy in the region.

President Joseph Boakai was sworn in a fortnight ago after he defeated football icon turned President, George Weah, by a slight margin.

Ambassador Greenfield attended the ceremony on President Joe Biden’s behalf.

She reassured Liberia of the US’ unflinching commitment to supporting the country’s development.

“Liberia has been very supportive and worked closely with us here at the UN, and we’re committed to helping President Boakai succeed,” she said.

“We have been a close ally and partner to Liberia throughout.”

Source: BBC