Tuesday, June 15

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Kesse: More love in secular music than Gospel

Kesse: More love in secular music than Gospel

When musician Kesse gave his life to Christ and decided to turn his back on secular music for the Gospel sector, he knew there would be challenges but he was ready for them. And that is perhaps the reason he says he is not surprised that his colleague Gospel musicians are not showing him love as he expected.“When I was in the world, I was told there was more love among secular musicians than Gospel artistes and I am now seeing the truth. There is stigmatisation from Gospel musicians.“They see you in a certain way and think you are not one of them but that will not stop me from serving God. When I was in the world, my colleagues were supportive and showed true love.“Some Gospel musicians only think about themselves instead of caring about others. At the end of the day, it all comes ...
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