Tuesday, June 15

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Christians urged to live by scriptures

Christians urged to live by scriptures

Pastor Daniel Gyamerah, Pastor of Yendi Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church of North Ghana Mission, has advised Christians to live their daily lives according to the scriptures and be involved in Church activities to help grow their faith.      He said despite the challenges Christians faced, they should focus on Jesus Christ and pray for God’s intervention in their affairs.       Pastor Gyamerah, who is on transfer to the Salaga SDA Church in the Savannah Region, gave the advice at a send-off service held at Yendi.       He delivered a sermon from“1 John 2:15-16” and encouraged Christians not to focus on things of the world, indicating that they should be concerned about the second coming of Jesus Christ to gain salvation.      According to him, as Christian, they should k...
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