Tuesday, June 15

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Samson’s Take: Akuapem Poloo; how is 90 days harsh?

Samson’s Take: Akuapem Poloo; how is 90 days harsh?

Celebrities, properly called, have such influence especially on the youth. It is expected that before you take on a cause, you will seek professional advice if it is not a matter for common social commentary. Today, I ask or repeat your questions, mostly uniformed, and educate you over your “#FreeAkuapemPoloo”campaign. This case was concluded too swiftly because it was against a poor citizen; the law is against the poor. Well, maybe, sometimes. If you can’t afford a lawyer. But did she have a lawyer? Yes. She was arrested in July, appeared in court and pleaded not guilty and granted bail in November 2020. Why did she change her not guilty plea to a guilty plea on Thursday? Apparently, she changed her plea, obviously upon advice, after she and her lawyer had been, as required by law...
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