Friday, February 23

Students with Disabilities Protest Over Delayed Scholarships in Accra

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities from the University of Education, Winneba, and Cape Coast University staged a protest outside the Scholarship Secretariat in Accra, demanding the release of long-overdue scholarship funds promised by the government. The aggrieved students, represented by the Association of Students with Disabilities, expressed frustration over the delay, stating that it jeopardizes their education.

Aminu Mahama, the leader of the group, conveyed their grievances to Citi News, stating, “We were told last year that we would be paid…We were more patient with them and most of us did not pay our school fees because we had it in mind that with the scholarship, we would be paid but that did not happen.” The students emphasized that the lack of funds has put their academic pursuits at risk, with the management of their schools threatening to defer their courses if payment is not made soon.

In an effort to expedite action, the group has vowed to spend the night at the Scholarship Secretariat premises if they do not receive a favorable response. Aminu Mahama accused the government of repeatedly defaulting on its promises regarding these scholarships, highlighting the detrimental impact on students’ academic progress. He stressed the urgency of releasing the funds to prevent students from facing the possibility of deferring their courses due to financial constraints.

The protest underscores the challenges faced by students with disabilities in accessing education and support services. As the students continue to advocate for their rights, their plight highlights the importance of timely and transparent disbursement of scholarship funds to ensure equitable opportunities for all students, regardless of their circumstances.