Tuesday, November 28

National Sports Authority, Tarkwa-Nsuaem MCE ‘fight’ for ownership of Tarkwa and Aboso Stadium

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A photo of the redeveloped Tarkwa and Aboso Park

The National Sports Authority has been warned by the Municipal Chief Executive for the Tarkwa-Nsuaem, Benjamin Kessie to stay away from the redeveloped Tarkwa and Aboso Park.

Asking them to focus on maintaining the already existing stadiums in their care, Benjamin Kessie vowed that they will never allow the National Sports Authority to manage the newly built 10,000-seater capacity stadium.

This caution from the Tarkwa-Nsuaem comes on the back of the NSA’s visit to the redeveloped Tarkwa and Aboso Park which is near completion.

“Let me put it on record and say without any shred of doubt that the T and A Park now soo to be stadium will be managed by the assembly. Football fans and residents of Tarkwa should rest assured that when the park is completed, Goldfields will hand it over to the assembly.”

“The management of the park, the facility is in the hands of the assembly. When we completed the T and A, we handed over to them (NSA). Go and check how they managed it. We have people who can manage the facility. There is Essipong stadium, they should go and manage that,” Kessie told Tarkwa-based Medeamaa FM.

He added that the assembly will entrust the management of the facility to a private firm that will ensure the maintenance of the stadium and make profits for the people of Tarkwa.

“It’s not by force. We’ll not allow the NSA to take over. The sustainability of the pitch and the facility will be in the hands of the assembly. We are holding it in trust of the people.”


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