Tuesday, November 28

Let’s make coming into Ghana easier to boost tourism – Prof Nyarko

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A Professor of Economics at New York University (NYU) and the Director of the Centre for Technology and Economic Development has underscored the significance of tourism in developing the country.

Professor Yaw Nyarko points out that when business individuals enter a country, their initial exploration typically involves visits to hotels, museums, and the cultural treasures the nation possesses.

Prof Nyarko shared these insights during the ‘Achimota Speaks’ forum held Thursday, November 16, focusing on the theme, “Ghana – A Country in Crisis: Defining a New Economic Direction.”

In his view, if a country strategically invests in and enhances its tourism offerings, it creates an environment that makes these business people feel more at ease visiting.

He said this, in turn, will contribute to the overall advancement of the country’s tourism sector.

Prof Nyarko highlighted specific measures that Ghana should consider to facilitate easier entry into the country, including concerns about visa procedures, suggesting that they are overly complex.

He questioned the logic of making it challenging for United States citizens to visit Ghana without a visa, especially considering the difficulties Ghanaian citizens face when traveling to the United States.

“Do we [Ghana] want to develop or do we not want to develop? That’s the question we should ask ourselves”.

The professor of Economics at NYU stressed the importance of re-evaluating and possibly revising existing laws, emphasising that for Ghana to progress, there is need for sacrifices.”

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