Thursday, April 18

John Mahama Exercises Caution in Election Promises, Criticizes Akufo-Addo’s Government

John Mahama, the Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has adopted a cautious approach in making promises for the upcoming 2024 general elections, citing current economic conditions that restrain him from extravagant commitments. Speaking to NDC supporters in Hohoe, Volta Region, last week, Mahama expressed concern about the state of the country, blaming the Akufo-Addo government for what he believes is a profound crisis.

“I am being very measured in the promises that I make because we all know the crisis in which this country has been plunged [into]. We will show you the books and finances of this country, and you will realize the harm that the New Patriotic Party administration has done to this country; the economy is broke,” Mahama stated during his address.

Mahama, a former president, further criticized the current administration for perceived unchecked corruption, describing it as rampant and unrestrained, akin to an escaped entity running amok throughout the country. In Tegbi, he pledged that, if elected, his administration would work diligently to eliminate corruption.

“Corruption has broken loose under Akufo-Addo’s government, and if they [the NPP] can’t deal with it, when we come, we will deal with it for them. When the NDC comes, we will hold those who have misconducted themselves accountable,” Mahama declared.

In a stern warning to party members in positions of authority, Mahama emphasized that he would not protect them if found guilty of corruption. He acknowledged the challenges faced by the country and assured the public that his government, if elected, would prioritize fiscal responsibility and transparency.

The political atmosphere in Ghana is intensifying as the 2024 general elections draw nearer, with Mahama positioning himself as a candidate who is mindful of the economic challenges facing the nation. As the political discourse unfolds, citizens eagerly await the policy proposals and plans that will shape the future trajectory of the country.