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Friends of Adaklu initiates project to preserve Ghanaian-African arts, crafts, and culture

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A non-governmental organization, Friends of Adaklu has initiated a project aimed at preserving and promoting Ghanaian-African culture.

The project would encompass the establishment of a one-stop center in Adaklu Tsriefe in the Adaklu District of the Volta Region to house elements of arts, crafts, and culture that portray Ghanaian traditions and customs.

The center christened ‘Nunya Village’ is expected to play a dual role of driving the growth of the local economy as well as putting Adaklu on the global map.

The center, situated at the foot of the famous Adaklu Mountain would replicate an indigenous Ghanaian setting, to serve as a tourist destination.

It is expected to play a vital role in passing on traditions and skills in arts, crafts, and culture to the younger generation, in a bid to preserve the Ghanaian culture.

Nunya Village would give a platform for artisans to share their skills with tourists, thereby projecting Ghana’s beautiful culture to the world.

The center would also house all Ghanaian and African features including clay, glass, fabric, and wood bead production, as well as a unit for an authentic African fabric, Kente, weaving.

It would have a unit for wood carvers who would produce all kinds of items such as drums, animals, and plants to be out on sale.

Local cuisines including Akple, Banku, and Red Red would be served to tourists, while a section would be dedicated to pottery.

The Village which would serve as a point of attraction would contribute to the growth of the local economy where tourists will not only pay for their Nunya Village experiences but will also patronize hospitality services in the Adaklu enclave.

The Founder & Executive Director of Friends of Adaklu, Helga-Liz Haberfellner said the objective of the Nunya Village was to establish a culture arts facilitation center in the Adaklu District.

She said it would serve as a training center for young people in beads making, and Kente weaving among other handcrafts, which would be marketed to people locally and internationally.

She disclosed that a section of the village would contain vegetables, crop farms, and domestic animals’ arena among others.

She said the center would give tourists a 100% Ghanaian experience as it “gives a true taste of what it is like to be in Ghana, the culture, music, local food, and arts.”

It is expected to produce local entrepreneurs, preserve the African culture, promote tourism, and boost the economy.

The Ghana Country Director of Friends of Adaklu, Stella Kudah said the project would also create an enabling environment to nurture the varied talents embedded in the youth in Adaklu District and beyond.

She believes the center would contribute to shaping the future of the youth which would ultimately change the narrative of the Adaklu District, which rates to be one of the poorest in Ghana.

Friends of Adaklu also commissioned a secretariat to monitor the operations of the organization which aims to positively impact generations in the Adaklu District.

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