Tuesday, November 28

Chinese companies explore growth opportunities in Africa at tech festival

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Chinese executives in digital technology have expressed confidence in the African market at an ongoing tech festival here, pledging to play a greater role in the continent’s digital transformation.

The Africa Tech Festival, which concludes on Thursday in Cape Town, South Africa, featured two main events — AfricaCom and Africa Tech, focusing on topics such as connectivity, digital inclusion, enterprise transformation and emerging technologies.

Driven by the growth prospects of the booming African market, Chinese companies seek to expand their market share as the continent experiences a digital revolution. Over a dozen Chinese companies attended the exhibition.

Zhang Jianfeng, sales director at Shenzhen-based Signalinks Communication Technology, said the company aims to provide its cutting-edge products directly to the end user in Africa to bring technologies to the continent at a lower price.

“By this, we can get more profit. It also removes the middle man, which makes our products cheaper,” Zhang told Xinhua on Wednesday.

He said favorable demographics in Africa and its desire to develop digital infrastructure prompted the company to increase its market share on the continent.

Peris Wahu Muturi, Africa Business Development Manager for Shanghai Sixunited Intelligent Technology, a company involved in the manufacturing of electronic devices, said Africa’s burgeoning telecommunications sector provides growth opportunities.

“Sixunited is looking into getting into the African market and growing it. We have seen the potential, so we are working around all African countries to understand the needs that Africans have,” she told Xinhua.

Liu Qixing, the International Marketing Manager for Zhejiang Chaoqian Telecommunication Technologies, a worldwide fiber optic equipment manufacturer, said the company is seeking to expand in Africa. Liu said the continent is a promising market because of a strong digital push by African countries.

As a key participant and sponsor of the Africa Tech Fair, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei presented its latest technologies and solutions at an exhibition attended by thousands.

The telecom giant also supported and organized several forums at the festival: the African Ministerial Forum for a Future-Oriented Digital Infrastructure, the Africa Fiber Forum and the Africa Operations Transformation Forum.

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