Thursday, February 22

Accra High Court Adjourns Cecilia Dapaah’s Stolen Cash


Cecilia Dapaah theft case

The Accra High Court has adjourned the trial involving seven individuals, including Patience Botwe and two former house helps of former Sanitation Minister Cecilia Abena, to March 8, 2024. The accused are facing charges related to the alleged theft of $1 million, 300,000 euros, and various properties valued at millions of Ghana cedis.

The adjournment came after a delay caused by the late arrival of both defence and accused lawyers for the case management conference. Justice Marie-Louise Simmons, presiding over the case, had no choice but to postpone the proceedings when neither the defence nor prosecution lawyers were present.

Before the adjournment, Basit Adams, counsel for the accused, expressed concerns regarding the failure of the investigator to release his clients despite them meeting the bail conditions set by the court in a previous ruling. This meant that despite being granted bail earlier, the accused persons remain in custody due to unmet conditions.

The court is set to conduct a Case Management Conference during the next hearing, which will mark the accused persons’ fourth appearance before the court. This conference aims to streamline the proceedings and ensure a fair and efficient trial process.

It is noteworthy that on December 28, 2023, Justice Marie-Louise Simmons granted State Prosecutors a final opportunity to file their witness statements and disclosures ahead of the current court hearing. This indicates the court’s commitment to facilitating a thorough and transparent legal process.

The postponement of the trial underscores the complexities and challenges involved in navigating the legal proceedings. As the accused individuals await their next court date, the case continues to draw attention and scrutiny from the public and legal observers alike.