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5Five broke up because Bullhause withdrew support – Pappi

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5Five broke up because BullHause withdrew support - Pappi

Pappi, a member of the defunct group 5Five disclosed why the group dissolved Mona Gucci on Biribi Gyegye Wo. He detailed how they left the covering of their record label, Bullhaus Entertainment thinking they could scale up the entertainment industry by themselves.

Pappi, Bullgod and Apeiatues have been in the news over alleged thievery concerning music revenues. According to Pappi, Appeitus uploaded their music without their consent, cashing from digital streaming platforms.

In addressing the issue, Pappi revealed the circumstances that ended 5Five. He admitted that they jumped the gun they broke away from their record label, which of the beginning of their end.

“We were with Bullhaus. If you have management, they always push you on your toes to do something. But in 2012, our contract with Bullhause entertainment expired. So we started doing our own thing and then realised it was difficult. Before, we thought we could do it ourselves because we thought it was easy,” he told Mona Gucci.

Continuing to tell his ordeal, Pappi mentioned that they were overwhelmed with fame, losing focus of their goal.

“You might think you reach. There are people behind you pulling the strings. Maybe even for this interview, Bullgod would have been the one to arrange this meeting. So these are the petty, petty things they do behind the stages.”

According to Pappi, their downfall came quicker than they anticipated. He cautioned upcoming artiste to be humble and stay under the covering of their management.

Source: 3news.com

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