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I had brain surgery not stroke treatment, says Ken Agyapong

The vociferous New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP Kennedy Agyapong denies reports that he had a stroke recently

Kennedy Agyapong on Asaase Radio’s “Sunday Night”
 Kennedy Agyapong on Asaase Radio’s “Sunday Night”

The MP for Assin Central in the Central Region, Kennedy Agyapong, has spoken publicly about his health and explained that he recently underwent brain surgery in the United States, at a cost of US$283,000, to remove a tumour.

In a radio interview with a local radio station in Assin Fosu on Thursday (30 December 2021), Agyapong denied reports that he had suffered a stroke.

He said he slipped in the bathroom and knocked the right side of his head.

Some days later, he said, he experienced a continuous headache which went on for about five days, and so he decided to have a check-up.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) stalwart said a CT-scan at the Lancet in East Legon, Accra, detected a tumour on the left side of his head. The doctor said this was not from the fall and that it had been there for some time.

Agyapong said when doctors recommended that it be removed, he travelled to the US for further checks, which confirmed the tumour in the left side of his head.

Gradual spread

A doctor in the US was able to tell him how long it had been there and commended the doctors at Lancet for having been able to detect it, the MP said.

The US doctor also confirmed the size of the tumour to be almost the size of a computer mouse, as detected by the doctor at the Lancet.

He was advised to remove it before it became cancerous and so he went ahead to have the surgery.

Agyapong said this was the medical procedure he recently underwent in the US and disputed reports that he had had a stroke.

He said the doctors said the tumour was spreading gradually and that it was advisable that it be removed, as he was still “young”.

Agyapong said he had previously not felt sick and has had a medical review every year.

Philanthropic work

The radio interview also touched on the MP’s philanthropic work. He spoke about the goods he was donating to residents in his constituency, Assin Central, to mark the Yuletide.

Agyapong donated cash, household supplies and assorted goods to widows and the elderly and paid school fees of some students in his constituency.

The gifts he distributed included sewing machines and hairdryers for trainee seamstresses and hairdressers. They also included food items such as rice and cooking oil.

Source: Asaase Radio 99.5
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