Monday, January 24

Gomoa Fetteh: Police kill five over assassination attempt

The police in the Central Region have killed five out of seven individuals who allegedly planned to assassinate the Gomoa Fetteh Chief

police tema armed robber

The anti-robbery unit of the Ghana Police Service on Sunday (19 December) killed at least five persons planning to assassinate the paramount chief of Gomoa Fetteh Nana Abor Atta.

The police are yet to provide details about the operation which was carried out upon a tip-off. Two of the gun men, according to eyewitnesses, escaped.

Speaking to Asaase NewsNana Abor Atta expressed gratitude to the police for their swift intervention.

“Initially, I thought it was some individuals firing firecrackers only to realise it was a gun battle between the police and some persons who have been sent to kill me and my abusuapanyin,” Atta said.

The police are yet to establish the reason behind the plot, however, sources are linking it to a possible chieftaincy dispute.

“We initially picked intelligence but we didn’t take it seriously until it happened. But as chief of Gomoa Fetteh, I was taken through the proper process of ascending the throne. But I am surprised that some persons have planned to kill me. I want to thank the police for the swift response in saving my life,” he said.

Source: Asaase Radio 99.5
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