Monday, January 24

Police arrest landlord who shot father, two children at Breman

Police have arrested a landlord who has shot two children and their father over a disagreement at Breman in the Suame Municipality of the Ashanti region.

The 80-year-old ex-military man is reported to have opened fire after a disagreement with the father of the two kids.

The two children aged six and eight are currently hospitalized.

Narrating the incident, the father of the two kids said he heard a loud knock on his door and when he came out the landlord asked if he has not issued him a death threat, he then used a hammer which was in his hands to hit him.

According to him he struggled with him and took the hammer, the landlord then went in for a gun and shot in his direction twice but he missed and in the process, he heard people shouting his kids had been hit by the gunshots.

He explained that landlord dead in 2019 but there have been issues with who takes over as the landlord and he has been asked to pay the rent to one lady called Angel. This has caused the disagreement with the ex-military man who claims to be the one he is supposed to pay rent to.

Police in the area said both the suspect and the victim as been arrested because the suspect accused the victim of also attacking him. Investigations are underway in the matter.
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