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I received threats for my ‘Wahala Dey’ song – Epixode reveals

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Ghanaian reggae dancehall artiste Epixode has revealed that he received threats after releasing his controversial song titled ‘Wahala Dey’.

The song, released in 2019 and produced by Dream Jay called on the government and authorities to be actively responsive in ways that will curb the hardship and indiscipline in the country.

In an interview on TV3, Epixode said he received threats for addressing the challenges facing the citizenry in his song.

He noted that it is unfortunate the country is still battling such problems.

“Those problems I raised in my song ‘Wahala dey’ are still persisting in the country. There will be a new crop of minds to amplify some of the things I mentioned.

“We received threats and all. I was getting threats, calls and messages from unknown numbers,” he added.

He recounted how he was warned to stop performing the song at an event adding that there could be a positive change only if citizens speak up to the issues in the society.

“I recall we were having an event one time, and I was even asked to stop while I was performing with the song. I dropped this matter and threw more light on it but is it going to stop? I can’t change it, but I believe that the more voices we add to these social problems, the more impact will be made.”

Currently, Epixode is promoting his new song ‘Faya’ featuring musical duo Keche.

Epixode won the Best Reggae Dancehall Artiste of the Year Award at the 2021 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

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