Monday, September 20

‘I Hate It When People Lie’…. Kate Henshaw reveals

‘I Hate It When People Lie'.... Kate Henshaw reveals

Nollywood seasoned actress, Kate Henshaw, has been venting about movie practitioners who go about backstabbing others with lies.

In her recent tweets, a clearly upset Henshaw stated that the industry consists of individuals willing to betray colleagues for selfish reasons. However, she has maintained a clean slate by being professional.

“In an industry like mine, there are some who will stab you in the back just for the chance to be given a meal but I have always prided myself in being 100% professional. It took me years and no daughter of eve will tarnish it…,” the actress tweeted.

“I hate it when people lie and there is a cover up because if it was true, you would stand with your full chest and own it and provide proof.”

Kate Henshaw is one of Nigeria’s celebrated actresses with huge following. She didn’t give reasons behind the statement but it has heightened speculations that she may be having a rift with one of her colleagues.
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