Friday, September 17

Passing Anti-Gay Bill will have international consequences- MP for Madina

Passing Anti-Gay Bill will have international consequences- MP for Madina

MP for Madina, Francis Xavier Sosu, says he has been misunderstood by many following his initial comments in an interview on the anti-gay bill that is currently before parliament.

Earlier, he said passing the anti-gay bill into law will definitely have international consequences for Ghana.

However, in a statement, Mr Sosu explained that he is not against the Promotion of the Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values, Bill 2021 and will never be an advocate of gay rights although he has been a leading Human Rights advocate for over 10 years.

Mr Sosu said as President for Youth for Human Rights Africa, he has had several invitations to be a gay rights advocate but turned all of them down because of his Christian beliefs, and because it is against the collective view of his constituents.

Mr Sosu stressed that there is no human rights in homosexuality or lesbianism and all its variance now collectively known as LGBTQ+.

He described as historic government’s position on the matter with the introduction of the Bill. Consequently, the Lawmaker pledged his support to the bill because it is the first time Ghana is unanimous and united on the need to proscribe the conduct and activities of LGBTQ+.

The MP, however, called for matters of concern in the Bill to be reviewed and reconsidered to make it an improved one which is reflective and consistent with current views on sanctions which must be more reformative than retributive.

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