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Music In My Days Was Understandable – Paa George To Musicians

Music In My Days Was Understandable – Paa George To Musicians

84-Year-Old actor, Paa George, has expressed discomfort and lack of enthusiasm for  today’s Ghanaian music,  suggesting majority of the music being  churned out lately lacked understanding.

Speaking in an interview on Atinka TV on Friday night, the veteran actor who featured in a number of Kumawood productions, compared today’s music to music from back in days.

According to him, the latter is understandable to him because during his days there was a music authority that vetted music works before they were released to the public.

That, he opined, provided a platform for good music in Ghana unlike today.

“Every year and its own issues. In our days any song that was released was understandable when you listen. That was because there were authorities at the time who when a musician is done with his or her music, takes it to them for assessment. They listen to the song and take out the bad parts or the musician may have to make change,” he revealed.

However, he added that “at the moment that system no longer exist. Anyone just gets up and do music. There is no authority to guide them on whether this or that song is not good and not understandable. If people like us talk about it they will say we are old fashioned and our time has passed.”

Currently, there have been a lot of talks about the state of Ghana’s music and how to make it attractive to the world.

Paa George’s commentary and comparison is thus a clear suggestion that stakeholders should consider going back to the basics.

Source: DGN
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