Friday, September 17

AhemaKlodin, a blend of Ghana’s cultural heritage

Over the years, there has been a growing desire for African designs, however, blending it with one’s cultural heritage is a trait difficult to cone by.

Fashion brand, Ahemaklodin, which is fast becoming the choice for most females with their unique designs which suit all body types , perfectly blends designs with the Ghanaian cultural heritage.

They achieved this by combination of African prints, kente and carving a niche to satisfy everyone and make them stand out at occasions.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ahemaklodin, Mrs. Tamar Ahema Abayateye told the Spectator that she had always worked to create a brand that would suit everyone regardless of their age and body type.

For children especially, she said, that Ahemaklodin would soon launch the AhemaKids brand that would focus solely on providing outfits for them (children.)
She urged all to patronise local designers to push the Made in Ghana initiative as well as preserve Ghanaian culture and heritage.

“I also believe in the Made in Ghana initiative and that Ghanaians should wear and patronise our own as local designers can create outfits to satisfy the market,” she stated.
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