Tuesday, September 21

Churches to soon pay royalties, GHAMRO reveals

Churches to soon pay royalties, GHAMRO reveals

According to Abraham Adjetey, the Administrator of GHAMRO, the organisation will start taking royalties from churches that use music from Ghanaian musicians at their events.

GHAMRO has already established task forces that ensure that event organisers pay for the music they use but excluded churches.

But Adjetey says the organisation now has plans to include churches in its royalty’s book.

“We started three years ago,” said Abraham Adjetey in a recent interview. “I remember I was in a church service then the taskforces from GHAMRO entered.”

“They started engaging the church on the need to pay for the musical works they use and then all the members started speaking in tongues and even said one of the Taskforce members was a demon,” he added.

Mr Adjetey added that they have since started engaging the churches and will commence the exercise soon enough.

Source: Pulse.com.gh

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