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Bride fuming as mother-in-law shows ‘wedding dress’ she wants to wear on son’s big day

Bride fuming as mother-in-law shows 'wedding dress' she wants to wear on son's big day

A bride-to-be has shared her frustration after her mother-in-law decided she was going to get a dress the same colour as hers for the wedding.

There are two things you don’t do at a wedding – crash it or attempt to upstage the bride by wearing white.

But clearly, one woman didn’t get the message as a bride-to-be has taken to Reddit to vent her fury over the dress her mother-in-law wants to wear to the wedding.

The unnamed bride has said she’s wearing a dress that combines shades of ivory, blush and white to get married in and as such, she sent her mother-in-law these colours to avoid wearing on the big day – and a few suggestions for colours that would compliment her complexion instead.

However, it seems the other woman didn’t take kindly to this and has instead decided to do the opposite.

In a post on Reddit’s Just No MIL forum, the bride-to-be explained how her partner’s mother was planning to wear a wedding dress to their ceremony.

She wrote: “Let me start with I told this lady MONTHS ago what colours not to wear. I told her what colours would look nice on her and with her complexion. She decides to use that information to only want to wear a dress within the colour range of my just no list.

“She was saying how she wants to wear those colours and if she can’t wear colour JNcolor1, her back up option was JNcolor2. Then she found something that is going to match the wedding party, which I already told her she should stand out not blend in with the wedding party.

“When the talk doesn’t go her way she starts reaching out to our BIL/SIL in hopes they would tell her I’m wrong and she should wear what she wants. Which wrong they explained exactly what I told her. DONT WEAR THOSE COLOURS. She also said, ‘oh well I guess it will be a surprise’.”

The post ended there and the bride said she and her partner would be talking with his mum – but it seems the conversation didn’t go well, as the bride has since shared a follow-up post.

A sparkly wedding dress the mother-in-law wanted to wear on her son's big day
One of the dresses the MIL wanted to wear to the wedding (Image: imgbb)

She said: “I honestly thought my previous post was going to be my last post about this issue. We are weeks away from our wedding and MIL still has not found a dress. She has been calling other family members asking for their opinion on different dresses and most are bridal looking or in the just no shade range that I discussed with her.”

The bride claims her mother-in-law has since shown off two possible dresses she might wear – one a floor-length blush-coloured gown and the other a sparkly gown that looks like a wedding dress.

“Y’all the picture of the dress she sent, the mannequin had a veil on,” proclaimed the bride-to-be.

“My BIL told her absolutely not. She then started screaming at him about how it’s impossible to find a dress in the limited amount of colours we gave her. He told her it’s not that hard and to chill out.

“My fiance and I called her when my BIL texted us and tried to have a conversation with her. She immediately began raising her voice telling us she wasn’t going to talk about what she’s wearing with us. It’s not up for discussion then HANGS UP ON US.

“My fiance has been incredibly supportive and told me that she doesn’t have to be at our wedding and if she refuses to show us a dress then he will tell her she’s not coming. He wanted to wait until the day before our wedding to see the dress but it’s honestly not something I want to think about up until the day of our wedding. I would rather have that peace of mind knowing she found a dress that isn’t matching mine.”

Hundreds of people responded to the two posts, with many sharing supportive words for the bride.

One wrote: “If it helps you relax more till the wedding, my MIL wore black (including a hat with a birdcage veil and gloves – total funeral garb) to my wedding, and I’m the only one who remembers without looking back at photos.”

A second said: “It’s ‘too hard’ to find a dress in the proper colours? Oh please. My son proposed in December. The wedding was in May. She asked the moms to wear either brown or orange. So, autumn colours to be shopped for in winter and early spring. Guess what? All the moms and grandmas were able to find dresses in those colours without a whole lot of trouble. If we can do it, so can your MIL.”

A third added: “A bride found out MIL was going to wear white and couldn’t be dissuaded, so she put all her bridesmaids in white and her mother in white and herself (the bride) in blush pink. MIL found out when she came swanning in, in literally a white wedding dress, that she just blended in with everyone else instead of looking like a co-bride.”

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