Saturday, April 17

ECG announces power cut in parts of Accra….Check out timetable

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has confirmed that the government has, indeed, cleared its indebtedness, and currently has a credit balance of GH500 million. The government recently made an announcement of the repayment of its indebtedness to ECG. According to the Minister of Energy, the government has a credit balance of GH500 million The statement from the government triggered public debate, with some members of the public, especially the opposition parties, questioning the claims made by the government. However, the ECG, in a statement, said the government, between 2017 and 2019, averabely paid GH2 billion directly to ECG's suppliers (the VRA, IPPs, CRIDCO) to defray its indebtedness to ECG. "The total government account as at the end of 2019 was a credit balance of GH505.8 million" "Considering the government's average bill of GH100 million a month, the outstanding government balance of GH505.8 million is enough to pay its bill from January to April 2020" "Indeed this positive intervention by the government is very appreciated by ECG because the company's balance sheet is now stronger than before" it said 

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has released a timetable as it hints of intermittent power cut in parts of Accra.

According to the outfit, the power cut is to enable a contractor to commence excavation works to interconnect the Pokuase Bulk Supply Point to the Kanda and Airport substations.

ECG, in a statement, explained the works form part of its financial and operational turnaround project in collaboration with the Millenium Development Authority.

The affected areas include Airport Residential Area, Mamoobi, Accra Girls, ECG Roman Ridge District office, Kotobabi Polyclinic and Alajo.

Per the timetable released by ECG, the areas will experience a six-hour daily power cut between 10:00 am and 4:00pm.

Read the statement below:


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