Sunday, April 18

Petitioner seeks leave to file additional grounds of review application of interrogatories

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Mr John Dramani Mahama, the Petitioner in the election 2020 case, has filed a motion on notice for leave in order to file additional grounds for review application of the dismissed interrogatories.  

Mr Mahama is further seeking leave to replace Paragraph 28 of the original statement of case and file supplement to his statement of case in the election petition case.  

The paragraph 28 of the original statement of case state as follows.  

“On December 10, 2020, an unsigned Press Release of the first respondent (the Electoral Commission) claimed that it’s Chairperson, Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa had inadvertently used the figures of 13, 433,573 for the total valid votes case is now 13, 119,460. Same is on the EC ‘s website as of 11:45 hours GMT on December 29, 2020”.  

According to the Petitioner, the additional grounds “had an exceptional circumstance that support the application for review.”  

The Supreme Court has fixed January 26 to hear the motion on notice for leave to file additional grounds for the review application of interrogatories.  

The Petitioner has so far filed applications for stay of proceedings and motion for abridgement of time by the petitioner and the EC.  

The court is expected to deal with them on Tuesday January 26 when the court resumes sitting.  

The Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed an application for interogatories. The Interogatories were to enable the Petitioner’s lawyer administer some 12 questions to the EC Chairperson on the mode of transmission of the Presidential election results.  

The court dismissed the interogatories application saying the application  should be based on relevance.  

The Petitioner not satisfied with the ruling of the court filed a review application of interogatories  

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