Monday, March 8

Robbers Kill Cop, Steal Cash In Bullion Van

Robbers Kill Cop, Steal Cash In Bullion Van

Some runaway robbers have reportedly shot dead a policeman and bolted with huge amount of cash.

The policeman was guarding a bullion van loaded with cash, which was plying the Adanse-Fomena highway in rural Ashanti Region.

The robbers, whose identities are unknown, shot at the policeman, whose AK47 assault rifle, was also taken away in the process.

The bloody incident happened on Tuesday afternoon, when the road was said to be a bit quiet.

A police source said the bullion van was sending the cash to a yet-to-be identified location.

Unknown to the occupants of the bullion van, the robbers had laid ambush on the road, and immediately the van appeared, the trigger-happy miscreants started to shoot at it (car) in a dangerous manner.

Unfortunately, the escorting policeman, who was said to be seated in the front seat, was hit by a bullet, which killed him instantly.

The robbers, who had a field’s day, then took away huge amount of money and the AK47 assault rifle of the dead policeman.

As at the time of filing the report on Tuesday evening, police were combing the robbery area in an attempt to arrest the hoodlums.


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