Sunday, April 18

Prefos to partner government to expand rural electrification programme

Prefos to partner government to expand rural electrification programme

Prefos Ghana limited, an electrical and civil engineering Company in Ghana, will continue to work closely with the government to extend electricity to all communities under the Rural Electrification Programme.

Mr Frank Asamoah Agyemang, General Manager in charge of Northern Sector, told journalists in Kumasi, that management of the company would soon have a meeting with the government to discuss how Prefos could bring its expertise on board in the rural electrification expansion programme.

The Rural electrification Project was introduced by the National Electrification Scheme, an initiative of the Ministry of Energy aimed at providing electricity to all parts of the country.

The country is however, yet to achieve that target since about 15 percent of the country still remained in darkness.

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has however, pledged his commitment to ensure that all communities were hooked onto the national grid before the end of his second term in office.

Mr Agyemang said electricity had become a necessity, which every community needed to have access to promote socio-economic development and improve on the living conditions of members in the community.

He explained that almost all activities in this modern era were “empowered by power” and the company will continue to partner the government to ensure that all communities, especially those in rural areas were connected to the national electricity grid.

Mr Agyeman called on the government to help reduce the import duties on assembling products of the Company to enable it import more raw materials for production.

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