Friday, March 5

Steel bender electrocuted at Tema Com 7

Lifeless body of day-old baby dumped at Dome-Crossing

A steel bender working at the apex  of a two-storey building at Tema Community Seven has been electrocuted.

Forty-five year old Efo Newton got electrocuted on Friday morning when he came into contact with a high voltage live cable near the building.

Mr Maxwell Koomson, a co-worker, said they reported to work in the early hours of Friday, and Newton proceeded to the top of the structure bend and bind steel.

Mr Koomson added that they later felt an electric wave within the body, which caused them to rush to the top only to see his lifeless body with folded arms on top of the bend steels.

Mr Kwesi Asumaning, Assembly member for the Union Electoral area,  said he was informed about the incident at about 07:00 hours and rushed to the scene.

He added that he subsequently informed the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to cut power supply to the area as a precautionary measure while a complaint was lodged at the Tema Community Eight Police Station.

The body has since been removed and deposited at the Tema General Hospital for preservation and autopsy.

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