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I Never Said Finance Minister Will Die In My Prophecy…Some Bloggers Have Twisted It-Archbishop Salifu Amoako Clarifies

I Never Said Finance Minister Will Die In My Prophecy…Some Bloggers Have Twisted It-Archbishop Salifu Amoako Clarifies

The Founder who doubles as the Leader of Alive Chapel International, Archbishop Elisha Salifu Amoako has expressed his disappointment in some bloggers for twisting his prophecy about the Finance Minister Hon Ken Ofori Atta on December 31, 2020 night.

According to him, it is erroneous for some bloggers to peddle a falsehood on social media that he [Elisha Salifu Amoako] has made a definite prophecy that the Minister of Finance Ken Ofori Atta will die this year 2021 in March.

Addressing the media on Sunday, January 3, 2021, at his office, Archbishop Elisha Salifu Amoako debunked the allegation and went on to give a detailed account of the December 31, 2020 prophecy that God rather revealed a sickness which has been targeted at the Finance Minister.

He added that the prophecy was such that without prayer being offered on behalf of the Finance Minister, the sickness can lead to his death from the December 31 night to March 2021; thus, there was no definite prophecy that the Finance Minister would die this year.

He indicated that per the directive of the prophecy, prayer has been offered to God on behalf of the Minister of Finance, noting that he [Archbishop Salifu Amoako] fasted and prayed for the Minister of Finance and God has stopped the evil attack on him.

“God revealed detailed prophecies to me and the spirit of God took me to the Bank of Ghana and the Ministry of Finance. I saw a picture at the Ministry of Finance and when I got closer, it turned into the image of the Minister of Finance”.

“God told me that we should pray for him because there are people who have plotted evil death against him. So, if we don’t pray for him from December 31 to March, he can fall ill and the sickness can lead to death. And so, we prayed for him and the next day on January 1, I fasted the whole day and I saw that God has touched the man and cancelled the death from him”.

“Whenever God reveals something, it means that He wants to work on it and those that He does not reveal, nothing can be done about them. So, I didn’t say that the Minister of Finance will die at all cost. I mentioned what God has revealed to me, however, we prayed for him and God has restored him again”, he debunked.

“Therefore, I want to correct the erroneous statement being peddled by some bloggers that I made a definite prophecy that the Finance Minister will die. The bloggers have twisted my prophecy about the Finance Minister”, he reiterated.

Touching on the revelation about the First Lady Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo, Archbishop Elisha Salifu Amoako said that his prayer team has prayed for her over a spiritual breast cancer thrown at her to break her down.

He again mentioned that President Akufo-Addo is also saved from some people who are planning to end his life in order that he will not be able to cover his 4-year term.

“God has saved everyone that the devil wanted to touch and destroy. There is nobody here on earth who is above prayer; God revealed something about the Ministry of Finance to us and we have worked on it…we don’t want any blogger to twist my prophecies”, he cautioned.

He said that his over 35 years in the prophetic ministry have not been doubted as his predictions have come to pass from the 90s till date; thus, he has integrity in the prophetic ministry which is known by all the prophets who are being attacked.

“I will plead with the bloggers to write as I have said without twisting my words; don’t give a wrong caption for people to insult me. I never said that the Finance Minister will die and so I want to correct this erroneous statement being circulated on social media by some bloggers”, he pleaded.


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