Sunday, April 18

Heavy security as Sefwi Wiawso NDC protests again!

Sefwi Wiaso NDC protests

Sympathisers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Western North Region have painted Sefwi Wiawso red with a massive protest.

The protest was against the Electoral Commission (EC) for what they say is fraud and rigging of the 2020 general election results, particularly the parliamentary seats.

The demonstrators drew the conclusion after an unknown person snatched the ballot box from one of the polling stations.

The aggrieved sympathisers believe NDC candidate, Paul Evans Aidoo, won the seat but it was declared for the New Patriotic Party’s Dr Kwaku Afriyie.

Sefwi Wiaso NDC protest

They demonstrated first at the EC office on December 12 to demand accountability.

Sefwi Wiaso NDC protests

This time, the group employed the services of heavy security to protect them as they march in the principal streets of the constituency.

Sefwi Wiaso NDC protests

The Sefwi Wiawso NDC members have sworn not to quit protesting until the ballot box is found.


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