Tuesday, May 18

“I doubt state’s commitment towards peaceful, credible elections”-Mahama

Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has expressed doubt over the ability of institutions of state under the current administration to deliver a peaceful and credible elections on Monday.

Speaking at a Peace Pact in Accra on Friday December 4, 2020, the former president recounted events of the Ayawaso By-Election and indicated that the unresolved issues raises doubt over the ability of the state to ensure a peaceful and credible election.

Despite public commendation of the Electoral Commission for the successful preparation towards the December 7 polls, the former President does not believe the commission can deliver a credible election.

That, notwithstainding, Mr Mahama pledged to uphold peace during the election but did not state specifically if he would accept or reject the outcome of the election, should it go in favour of his political opponents.

He however urged the security agencies to behave professionally on election day, wear their name tags, and avoid intimidation.

“Let us strive to prevent the violence of the past,”he said, and entreated the institutions of state to work impartially to prevent conflict and misunderstainding.

He said the country’s future lay in the hands of the EC, Judiciary, security and media and appealed to the institutions to work independently and impartially.

Former president Mahama cited example of the United States where an incumbent lost an election, rejected the outcome, but the institutions of state did their job professionally, nonetheless.

he said loss of lives at the recent voters registration exercise and the military siege of the Volta Region has created an intimidating atmosphere akin to war and indicated that those events raises doubt over the ability of the state to deliver a peaceful and credible polls on Monday.

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