Sunday, September 19

Stakeholders call for action to solve music digitisation problems

Stakeholders call for action to solve music digitisation problems

Mr. Rex Omar, Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Association (GHAMRO) has called for extensive talks between music stakeholders to resolve the challenges of music digitisation in the country.

He made this assertion at the MTN Digital Music Conference on Thursday held under the theme: “How to monetize your work and the challenges of digital media.”

According to the veteran musician, Ghana had the talents, businessmen, and technocrats to make the music industry very fruitful but some stakeholders do not want to dialogue but always want to throw accusing fingers without offering solutions.

“We don’t have the music industry in Ghana and nobody talks about state support for the creative arts industry. We like throwing accusing fingers at one another, let us come together, stop the complaints and that is the only way we can move forward,” he said.

Mr. Richie Mensah, Chief Executive of Lynx Entertainment Richie Mensah who was a speaker at the conference was of the assertion that music stakeholders are not doing enough to solve digitisation problems.

“The one thing we lacking in Ghana is working together to solve our problem. We spend so much seeing each other as the enemy than working together to share ideas because we have solutions to our problems.

“We need to understand that we should work hand in hand to achieve bigger things and also know how to solve our grievances, offer solutions and take necessary actions for the good of the industry,” he said.

Mr. Yoel Kenan, Chief Executive Officer Africori and the Keynote Speaker of the conference, said the only way artistes can be successful in the digital space is to, first of all, understand their audience, develop plans, set targets as well as analysing the competition.

He advised artistes to focus on promotion of their music to help sell their content to a broader market and also see themselves as business people but not just entertainers.
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