Tuesday, November 24

Dr Henry Lartey to lead GCPP in 2020 Presidential polls

Dr. Henry Lartey has been retained to lead the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Dr. Henry Lartey was announced during the party’s Manifesto launch and sixth National Delegates Congress held in Accra on Saturday as they prepare towards the Party’s first big win in the 2020 General Elections.

Dr Henry Lartey, who serves as the National Chairman for the party, alongside other national executives were elected unopposed to lead the party to seek power on Monday, December 7.

This will be the third time Dr Lartey would be leading the party in the Presidential race, and he’s optimistic of appearing on the ballot paper this time after his disqualification in the last elections. He said

“We have done our work well and certain that I would be on the ballot papers and subsequently win the elections in December.” He added that, their ‘Domestication’ agenda was still on course and would champion on that to win the elections in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Most Ghanaians have also realized that we need to push the agenda to produce everything in this country and domestication remains the way to go for Ghana,” he stressed.

He said, “we need to produce and buy our goods to ensure that we develop the economy within instead of buying from other countries.”

He urged Ghanaians to support the party to win the upcoming elections and develop the country by supporting indigenous industries to expand and produce for the entire country.

On the party’s manifesto, he explained that it focused on two areas; Agriculture and Solar Energy. He stressed

“We need to eat what we grow and grow what we eat and also produce energy from natural sources for our own use and sell to other countries as well.”

On his part, the GHC100, 000 filing fee for Presidential aspirants, which had raised eyebrows especially among the ‘smaller’ political parties, was expected and that they would definitely meet the demands of the EC.

“There had been an increment in 2016 and we knew it would happen again so whether they reduce or not, we need to go by what the Commission has demanded,” he stated.

He called on his campaign team, national and regional executives to continue working hard to wrestle power from the incumbent government, in December for the first time.

The National Executives for the party are; Andy Bampoh Sakyi; first Vice Chairman, Martha Jonah second Vice Chairman, while Citizen Ato Dadzie and Alhassan Isahaku would serve as General Secretary and Educational General Secretary respectively.

The rest are; Kaizia Ablor as Treasurer, George Amoah as Organizer and Cynthia Atta as Women Organizer.

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