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JM predicts early death for Prof. Jane Naana Opoku

Two eminent Fante’s, one a renowned law professor and sitting President, the other an astute economist and immediate past Vice-President, have all died in relatively quick succession and under bizarre circumstances. What or rather who did they have in common? John Mahama, first as Vice-President and then as President, all of the republic of Ghana.

The son of E.A. Mahama, John Dramani Mahama has nominated for the third consecutive time, another Fante luminary, Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang to be his running mate in a desperate bid to wrestle power from the governing NPP. It is instructive to note, that all three Fante’s, the late President, Professor John Evans Fiffi Atta Mills, the late Vice President, Dr. Papa Kwesi Amissah Arthur and the current living running mate of the NDC, Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang were and are all older in age than John Mahama.

In a very characteristic fashion, the communication expert and former President, John Mahama, communicated his deepest thoughts and plans bothering on the fate of the third Fante professor, Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, whiles addressing the good people of Nadowli in the Nadowli Kaleo Constituency of the Upper West region. He said, “going by the natural order, older people die before the younger ones, and so Naana will die before me”. The body language (folded arms) and facial expression of the gentleman with whom JM shared the stage, most likely the parliamentary candidate, suggested his disapproval of the former president’s intentions and predictions.

This video was first sent to me by a friend and loyal NDC member of Fante
descent who was on the campaign tour with former President Mahama. Why did this old friend of mine hasten to send me this video? Was this authentic, I quizzed. Like the Americans will say, trust but verify. And so, I verified and it turned out to be true; JM said it.

What will be the motive for wishing and predicting the deaths of three
prominent Fante’s if indeed he (JM) had and still has the means to see it
through? Prof JEA Mills The President was sick and weak but his sense of judgement had not been compromised. The then Vice President, John Mahama felt sidelined from Mill’s sphere of influence by Mills loyalist like Koku Anyidoho et al. If Mills had wobbled to the finish line and won a fresh mandate or lost to the NPP in the process (it looked likely), JM didn’t stand a chance at the leadership race back then. Thankfully and by JM’s logic of the natural order, the President was older and so had to die early. And so, Mills died and JM became President.

Dr. PK Amissah-Arthur The Vice President had fallen out of favor with John Mahama and was certainly not going to be retained as the running mate for JM on the 2020 NDC ticket. But how could JM or anyone justify the planned abandon of Papa Kwesi as running mate when it was very clear to all and sundry that Mahama was the chief architect of the historic defeat as an incumbent president? John Mahama’s deep seated logic kicked in, older people die early. Dead men don’t talk and so the second Fante, Papa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, a healthy but older Fante man died whiles at the Gym exercising.

Prof Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang It is obvious to all, that Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang, just like her two late Fante kinsmen, Prof JEA Mills and Dr. PK Amissah-Arthur, is older and intellectually grounded than former President Mahama. She is no saint but compared to President Mahama, sainthood befits Jane Naana. In-fact, her comparatively unsoiled clothes and intellectual acumen are part of the reasons she got on the ticket with JM, apart from being a Fante and a woman. She was brought in to cover the “sins” of John Mahama, sort of. But if Mahama loses again at the polls in December, the older Fante Professor will in JM’s natural order theory, die early just like Professor Mills and Dr. Amissah-Arthur died
before him, John Mahama. Because if Jane Naana lives, Mahama will have to cede leadership of the opposition to her. But remember, in former President Mahama’s world, the older Fantes die early.

There is a growing disquiet among certain power blocks within the opposition NDC about the choice of words and pseudo ethnocentric comments of the Communications expert. Some level-headed personalities are urging him to retract and apologize for wishing Jane Naana dead and calling Akyems Sakawa but of course, the hot-headed ones are urging him, JM toaso. I am not sure, but judging from the writings of the Oxford Rhodes scholar, in his Working for Rawlings (it should have been) book, the Ahwoi’s and Amb. Ohene Agyekum et al do not take this death prediction of Jane Naana lightly at all.

Intel has it that, if former President John Mahama does not retract and apologize for same, but continues on this slippery tangent of hurling invectives and tribal jabs as he pleases, he is bound to lose two things come December 7 th ; 1] the Presidency and 2] all courtesies extended to him as a former president. This according to the friend who first sent me the video, is to make him become an ordinary person so he can lose the next NDC primaries.

John Mahama is wrong. Jane Naana is old but will not die before Mahama.
These things are in the hands of God.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong.

Michael Nana-Sasu
Research Fellow
Formerly of Danquah Institute.

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