Sunday, November 29

Queen eShun defends ‘Handcuff’ as standing for change not divorce

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Ethel Esi Eshun, popularly known as Queen eShun, who has recently released a video for her buzzing and much talked about tune ’Handcuff’ has said her song is not aimed at promoting divorce.

Queen eShun’s single talks about the harsh treatment meted out to married women.

Asked whether ‘Handcuff’ is not promoting and encouraging divorce, she said that what she aims to achieve at the end of the day is a change of heart in people that abuse women and vice versa, not divorce.

She explained that she has never been one that encourages break-ups in relationships.

However, she holds a strong view that people should have the courage and strength to walk out of verbally and physically abusive relationships.

Those relationships, she is convinced, threaten peace of mind, health and life, especially when all efforts to remedy the abuse prove futile.

Making reference to her personal experience, she reiterated that the reason she embarked on such a campaign was due to the possible emotional and mental damages such abusive relationships could cause.

Queen Eshun therefore encourages not only women, but the general public, especially the youth not to unnecessarily endure relationships that threaten their physical, emotional and psychological well-being.

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