Sunday, November 29

Kuami Eugene Takes On Guru Over Artiste Of The Year Brouhaha

Kuami Eugene has described as ‘normal’ comments by fellow musician Guru that he does not deserve the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ artiste of the year award he picked on Saturday.

After the award ceremony, the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ artiste took to Twitter to give his own verdict on who should have won the artiste of the year category of the 2020 VGMAs.

Interestingly, it was not Kuami Eugene. He thinks he does not deserve it.

According to him, Sarkodie had worked harder in the year under review and, therefore, should have been given the award.

“Two hits maker is winning artiste of the year but 10 hit songs in a year did not win anything,” he first tweeted.

The only year under review … me GURU… kind of support Sarkodie to win artiste of the year. Masa give back his award wai (laughs). Anyway, congrats my Fadama Boy. Adeɛ wo fie aa oyɛ,” he added in another tweet.

But reacting to Guru’s comments on Hitz FM on Monday, Eugene said it’s normal for Guru to critique his award because that’s his opinion.

“The thing is if Sarkodie had won, people will come and say he didn’t deserve it. It is normal, I mean Kofi Kinaata fans will come and say no this year was for Kofi Kinaata and if Kofi had won it, people from Sarknation will come and say oh Kofi Kinaata didn’t deserve it. The same way you are saying it there are a number of people saying no no this boy finally got what he deserved because you denied him for a long time. So like I am saying it’s both ways, no matter what this is Ghana we are opinionated, people like to express themselves so I understand where Guru is coming from. He has every right to express his opinion,” he indicated.

According to him, he is a big fan of Guru and would always be ready to work with him.

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