Tuesday, December 1

Major police operation at Berlin school with ‘students barricaded inside’

A major police operation is underway at a school in Berlin with reports of students barricaded inside.

Police have confirmed they are at the scene of the Max Taut Schule and are searching the school after an alarm was triggered just after 10am.

Reports online claim that students ‘barricaded’ inside classrooms were banned from talking, were crying and afraid.

One student said he barricaded himself inside the toilets.

Police have now told parents to gather nearby as they aim to lead classes out of the building, one at a time.

Officers had asked people nearby not to leave their homes as the scene was cordoned off.

A photograph from the scene shows a large group of armed police with reports saying officers from a special task force are on site.

One person claimed on social media: “A client of mine is at school. About 40 minutes ago, the students should barricade themselves inside the rooms. Talking is prohibited.

“Everyone is afraid. Some students cry. Police can be seen on the roof and in front of the house.”

An 18-year-old believed to be a student tweeted: “We are in school and we have barricaded ourselves, can anyone give more details about the situation outside?”

Another said: “My son also just wrote to me. The children have locked themselves in the rooms and do not know anything themselves.”

However the circumstances of the incident have not been confirmed.

“So far there has been no confirmation,” a police spokeswoman told Der Tagesspiegel.

“We are on site with emergency services and get an overview of the situation.”

The alarm was reportedly triggered by the school principal.

Police told RTL.DE : “The police take such alarm signals very seriously and have therefore sent the forces to check the situation and search the school.”

Police then tweeted: “We are still with various colleagues around the Max Taut-OSZ in Rummelsburg as well as in the area and are in contact with the school management.

“So far, no causes for the alarm have been identified. A false alarm cannot be ruled out either.”

A further update by police told students officers were making good progress.

Police said: “Be patient, please stay in the class. To be on the safe side, please do not post pictures of the rooms on social media!”

The fire brigade is also believed to be at the scene with 25 firefighters.

Berliner Feuerwehr tweeted: “Currently we are with 25 people together with the @polizeiberlin at a Schule in Rummelsburg in action.

“The situation is currently being investigated. More information will follow …”

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