Tuesday, December 1

Zynnell Zuh Begins 30,000 Street Kids Feeding Project

Zynnell Zuh has organised a food outreach programme to feed a number of needy kids on the streets of Accra.

This was part of activities organised by the Zynnell Zuh Foundation, which was launched earlier this year.

The foundation is aimed at raising awareness and increasing the visibility of actions regarding addressing the plight of vulnerable street children in Ghana.

From now till the end of the year, its goal is to feed some 30,000 street children in the country.

“We understand that we cannot do this alone, which is the reason why we intend to raise serious awareness and support from well-meaning Ghanaians, corporate organisations and the government,” she indicated.

She and her team were on Monday at the Kawukudi stretch of the Kanda highway to give support to the children in the area.

Zynnell feted the kids with assorted foods and soft drinks.

In the coming weeks, she is expected to extend the activity to other parts of the city.

Among some showbiz personalities who joined Zynnell on the street on Monday were Mimi Andani, Executive Director of Golden Movie Awards Africa, and rapper Esbee.

It is estimated that about 62,492 children are on the streets of Accra struggling to make ends meet. In May 2009, a head count of street children was done. The result obtained showed that 43 per cent of the total population were males and 57 per cent were females.

The idea of children on the streets violates the Child Rights Act which states that children below the ages of 15 should not be allowed to work or fend for themselves. Therefore, the increasing phenomenon of street children is a menace.

Zynnell Zuh has vowed to support some of the children out there. She would be organising more outreach events to raise awareness and support initiatives to end child hunger for vulnerable children living on the street.

Source: Daily Guide

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