Sunday, November 29

PPP Flagbearer race: Two file for nominations.

The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has officially closed proceedings for picking and filling nomination documents for its members interested in becoming the party’s flagbearer for the 2020 presidential elections, National Secretary, Paa Kow Ackon has said

“Officially the party wish to announced the closing of picking and filling of nomination documents for the 2020 flagbearer position, and want state that so far  Madam Brigitte Dzogbenuku and Mr William Dowokpor were the only two candidates who have filed their nomination,” he said.

He said so far two out of the five aspirants who picked nomination were able to meet the deadline which was scheduled on August 20, 2020.

Paa Ackon said this last week Friday when the only female aspirant, Madam Brigitte Dzogbenuku, a former running mate for then Flagbearer, Dr.  Papa Kwesi Ndoum filed her nomination at the party headquarters in Accra.

Paa Ackon said the hierarchy of the party was yet to fix a date for the virtual selection process to elect the flag bearer who would represent the party in the 2020 presidential elections.

He was hopeful the selection process for the flagbearer position would be transparent and fairly, stressing that the party would present a candidate who is of high integrity.

Madam Dzogbenuku addressing the media after filling her nomination said, the time has come for a female to occupy the highest seat of government.

She said research has proven that women make better leaders in times of crises, hence, the call for the masses to elect a female leader who is capable creating opportunities for the teeming unemployed youths.

“We have given men the chance to lead since independence.  It may be time to give women a chance to lead with our unique qualities and abilities.

It is time to begin to understand the strength of a woman and the important role they play in this country.  It is our time!” she said. 


National Secretary, Paa Kow Ackon, receiving the filling documents from Madam Brigitte Dzogbenuku.

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