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You Can’t Trap Mahama With A Baby… Actress Spills Beans

HAPPIER TIMES! Tracey Boakye, John Mahama and Gloria Kani

An Ashanti Region-based actress has made mind-blowing revelations that a colleague actress is trying to ‘trap’ ex-President John Mahama, who is staging a comeback, with a baby.

The two Kumawood actresses, who are both members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), have been running battles on social media for some time now, and it reached a crescendo when Gloria Kani alleged that her rival, Tracey Boakye, was having an intimate relationship with the ex-president.

From the ‘fight’, the two appeared to have enjoyed the largesse of the state when Mr. Mahama and his NDC were in office and were seen on various campaign platforms of the NDC ahead of the 2016 general election which Mr. Mahama lost miserably to the NPP.

‘Papa No’

Gloria kept mentioning ‘papa no’, to wit, ‘the man’ in the course of her rants on social media and appeared to have forgotten herself when she let loose the former president’s name as the person she has been referring to as ‘papa no’.

She claimed Tracey had given birth to a girl and had been saying it was Mr. Mahama’s baby but insisted that she would lead a crusade for Mr. Mahama to do a DNA test because she knew Tracey was sleeping around.

She said Tracey could not stop Mr. Mahama’s political ambition and even said she would get the Gonja people (Mr. Mahama’s tribe) to perform some oracles to ascertain who actually is the father of Tracey’s baby.

Gloria Kani made damning allegations against Tracey Boakye, who she said was even tracking the then president’s phone conversations.

She said Tracey once called her to tell her that she had found chats between a musician called Mzbel on Mr. Mahama’s phone and she (Gloria) advised her (Tracey) not to pick a fight or start any trouble with Mzbel but rather look for what she could get from Mr. Mahama in peace.

Tracey Vs Mzbel

Gloria started the trouble with Tracey when Tracey unleashed venom on Mzbel on social media, and in the course of the fight, she had mentioned Gloria’s involvement or so in the whole trouble.

In the earlier fight with Mzbel, Tracey amid the use of unprintable words, boasted about how she had been able to ‘order’ the so-called ‘papa no’—whom Gloria appears to say is Mr. Mahama—from splashing cash on Mzbel.

Tracey had also boasted that the said ‘papa no’ had bought her a furnished house at East Legon, Accra, and put her into a life of luxury, including expensive cars.

Gloria, in her rants, talked about the role she and Tracey played in the Mahama campaign in 2016, saying she formed a fan club for the NDC at Atasemanso and Tracey forming another one at Atonsu, both in Kumasi, to aid the NDC 2016 campaign.

She talked about how they were being chauffeured during the day and Tracey alone being picked up by strange cars at night.

Gloria accused Tracey of influencing the then Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah, to stop a relationship with her (Gloria).

She warned Tracey to stop blackmailing John Mahama because he is not the father of her child.
“I don’t have time for you but I am telling you that you threatening John Mahama will not yield any results. The way you are blackmailing JM will get you nowhere. The man will be free from your trap. The man, he will be free from your trap,” she said in her live video.

Source: Daily Guide

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