Wednesday, October 21

Businesses must adapt to change in COVID-19 era – CLET Ghana

Mr Yemmanuel Angmortey, Executive Director of Centre for Leadership and Executive Training Ghana (CLET Ghana), has said businesses need to be adaptable to change in order to survive and be relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic era.

He said times were changing and required businesses to adapt to the changing times to be able to meet the needs of consumers and the ‘ever-evolving’ world market.

“If you are a production company and you want to make profits, you need to take advantage of emerging Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market and produce nose masks and face shields which are in high demand now.

“So as a business, you need to shift to that line of production to keep going in the pandemic,” he said.

He made these remarks at a CLET Ghana and Yemmanuel Angmortey Worldwide Leadership summit on the theme: “The Science of Startup Leadership”.

He said managing a successful enterprise required effective leadership,that included; making the right decisions even in times of challenges and reiterated that in evolving to meet the needs of the consumer market, businesses should not compromise on their values.

Mr Angmortey said businesses needed to have short, medium, and long term goals, adding that, business goals should not always be in the long term.

“Most businesses only have long term goals, neglecting short and medium terms. However, you need all the three in order to be successful.

“You need to have goals that give you short term results, as well as medium term and long-term results,” he said.

He advised entrepreneurs to be resilient and have passion in everything they did, saying, with passion and perseverance they were bound to succeed.

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