Wednesday, October 28

COMOG urge Muslims to avoid ostentatious celebrations

The Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG) has called on Muslims to celebrate this year’s Eid-ul-Adha without the display of worldly riches but the spirit of sharing, compassion and virtue.

“We should reach out to those who are less fortunate than us and refrain from ostentatious behaviour that can offend others’ sensitivities,” it urged.

A statement issued by the COMOG and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday said as the Muslims celebrated festivities, they should not lose sight of the true essence of the religious practice of sacrifice.

“The act of animal sacrifices symbolizes our willingness to give up some of our own bounties in order to strengthen and help those who are in need. We recognize that all blessings come from Allah, and we should open our hearts and share with others.

“The creator would be pleased when his creation is nurtured, cared for and sustained. Indeed, to be religious is to be a peacemaker, one who seeks to mitigate conflicts and nurtures goodwill for peaceful co-existence,” it said.

The statement called on partisan political players to sacrifice their egos to ensure that the country continues to enjoy peace and development as the general elections approaches.

It said as the restrictions were being eased, the COVID-19 was still active and required that communities act diligently in order to protect themselves.

The statement advised Muslims to ensure proper waste disposal and a sanitary environment as they observed the celebrations; “so that we don’t have to sacrifice the cleanliness of our cities in the fulfilment of our religious duty.”

The statement wished all Muslims across the country happy celebration of the Eid-ul-Adha.

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