Tuesday, October 27

Joyce Blessings: Some gospel musicians are using juju against me

As Africans, the issue of involving black magic popularly known as Juju or Voodoo in everything we do is something that we can’t do without.

It’s used in all aspects of our lives. Some believe in the power of black magic to do a lot for them including, protection, promotion, favor, good health, long life, et cetera.

It is rumoured that most musicians in Ghana and other parts of Africa depend largely on black magic to promote their craft or to bring a colleague down.

One genre of music that the use of Juju is least expected is the gospel music industry. But to the surprise of many, gospel artiste Joyce Blessing has made a damning revelation that some gospel artistes are also into the use of Juju against her.

She made this known in a radio interview. She stated that, a colleague gospel artiste once sent her music CD to a fetish priest to work on to bring her music down.

When pressed by the host to mention names, she declined but insisted that many gospel artistes are into the usage of Juju.

Source: ghanamusiclive.com

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