Saturday, October 31

Wulomei bounces back with new album

Formed in 1973 by Nii Tei Ashitey with support from dramatist and musician, Saka Acquaye, traditional folk group, Wulomei has for four decades been entertaining music lovers with indigenous Ga songs.

Since making its debut with Walatu Walasa in the 70s, the group, which is recognised for reviving folk music with songs such Mawie Ga, Awudome, Yoo Saa, Takoradi and Kaafo has had a great influence in our music space.

After years of not releasing new material, the group is making a fresh start with a new album titled Wulomei Returns.

Wulomei Returns is a collection of some of its songs such as Aklowa, Meridian, Takoradi, Kaagba, Jalelele, Akosua Serwah, Menye Menye Memye and revised versions of Meridian, Akosua Serwaa and Aklowa.

The latest album is still rooted in Ga rhythms and produced by Dr Kwesi Owusu of Creative Storm with Vico Mensah of Osibisa and Nii Tei Ashitey.

Some artistes featured on the new album are Tinny who drops some bars on the opening of Takoradi and Kaseem on Menye Menye Memye with Kari Bannerman and Paul Bilson working on the guitar and trumpet respectively.

Dominating the music charts for many months in 1975, Aklowa is a story about a woman singing the praises of her partner but also warning him to be faithful to her.

Kaagba encourages listeners not to cheat on their partners while Menye Menye Memye is a tale about a woman’s complaints of how her husband spends on women and alcohol.

Wulomei Returns was officially released last month and the album is available on Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music and other music streaming sites.

Perhaps, the new album is a reflection of what Nii Tei Ashitey once said about the mandate of Wulomei that “we are here to bring something out for the youth to progress and to forget foreign music and do their own thing.”

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