Monday, October 26

Covid-19 fund: Bechem CEO hints of payment to some GPL clubs

Bechem United CEO , Nana Kwasi Derling has hinted that some Ghana Premier League (GPL) clubs have already received payments from the Ghana Football Association(GFA) as monies for the FIFA COVID-19 relief fund. 

It was reported yesterday that after a marathon meeting by the Executive Council of the GFA , the earmarked $ 500,000 million from FIFA to relief the financial burden of its member associations would include a package for GPL and Division one(DOL)clubs.

The booty is expected to be shared among premier , division one and the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA).

Premier clubs are expected to receive $15,000 from the FIFA fund of which a first tranche of $10,000 would be disbursed immediately whilst division one clubs would receive $5,000 out of which $7000 would be distributed quickly.

$2000 has been allocated to GHALCA.

Speaking on Anopa Busuo Sports on BA TV in Sunyani, Mr Derling welcomed the FA’s decision to mitigate the plight of clubs with the money adding that he had heard rumours some of the clubs had already received their share. 

“We are glad the FA heard the clubs and have taken the needed action to mitigate our struggles. 

“We were not making any unreasonable demands , in Senegal for instance the FA even included Division two clubs in their financial package. 

“I have heard rumours that some clubs have received their share and that is welcome news , we are waiting for the CAF money too”. 

He however expressed disappointment that referees were excluded from the financial package entreating the GFA to include them in the next financial package as they were key stakeholders of the game who were also struggling due to effects of the pandemic. 

Speaking on the valuable lessons Ghanaian clubs have drawn from COVID-19 , Mr Derling advised Ghanaian clubs to institute strong financial structures to weather unforeseen storms such as COVID-19.

Touching on some of the projects his club was undertaking to strengthen their brand post-covid-19 , the Bechem CEO said they were partnering with Danish club Aalborg to build schools and Academics committed to developing football talents.

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