Friday, October 30

Aurier will decide if he plays for Tottenham after brother’s death – Mourinho

Spurs will cater to the needs of their grieving player after his brother died on Monday

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho said he will let Serge Aurier decide if he wants to play or not following the death of his brother .

Media reports began to circulate on Monday claiming Christopher Aurier had been shot outside of a nightclub in Toulouse.

The 26-year-old’s death was later confirmed in a statement by Spurs.

Tottenham are in action against Newcastle United in the Premier League on Wednesday – as they attempt to qualify for the Europa League with three league matches remaining.

Mourinho confirmed he will talk with Aurier before deciding whether to involve him, while he also confirmed the player can go back to France should he wish.

“I still don’t know [if the player would train later that day], I don’t know what he is keen to do, I am not going to put any pressure on him,” Mourinho said.

“Maybe he travels with us because it is good for him to travel but then he is not ready to play. At this moment I have no idea. I have no idea, the only thinking that is clear is that we are here to support him and not to demand anything of him at all.

“[We gave him] all the options. He can do what he wants, he can go to France, he can stay here, he can come to training, he can go to the game.

“That’s obvious, that’s human, family is more important in this tragic situation than our need for him and our crucial match. Nothing matters, he does what he wants.

“Let me speak with him and we will see. At this moment I don’t know. I spoke with him on the phone, no more than that.

“We gave him the space to process, the space for him to be involved with his family. We are going to make the decision that he wants.

“[Whether he plays] depends on the feelings I have on the conversation. We are going to speak.”

Aurier has been a key player in Jose Mourinho’s team since the Portuguese manager’s arrival in November, and he has played 30 games in the Premier League this season with a goal to his name.

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