Monday, October 26

Source who broke Balotelli’s move in 2014 claims Thiago will sign for LFC next week

The Thiago Alcantara to Liverpool rumour mill turns again.

This time it may be worth taking note however, as the source who first reported on Mario Balotelli’s move to Anfeld in 2014 is now claiming we’ll sign the Bayern Munich midfielder next week.

Argentine outlet VarskySports are the ones saying this, in a post they shared on Twitter:

As you can see, the supposed fee is said to be €35million (£31.5m) – in line with similar numbers that have been floating around in other reports.

VarskySports aren’t too well known outside of Spanish-speaking circles, but they were the first to say Balotelli will join Liverpool in 2014.

This new report by no means confirms anything as the Thiago rumours are still exactly just that — rumours.

It’d be good practice for Liverpool fans to wait until the likes of James Pearce, Paul Joyce, Melissa Reddy or Neil Jones come out and say something of worth on it.

For us at EOTK the potential move sounds very anti-FSG; Thiago is turning 30 soon, has a pretty poor injury record, and will command hefty wages.

That being said, claim the Reds are hoping to stagger payments to make the transfer more financially viable – so maybe the money side of things could work out.


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