Monday, March 8

Mariana Arceo uses foundation to support medics after recovering from COVID-19

2019 Pan American Games gold medallist, Mariana Arceo of Mexico, has launched a campaign to help people affected by COVID-19 – after recovering from the Coronavirus herself.

Mariana, 26, contracted the virus in February and her story attracted a lot of publicity as she was one of the first people in Mexico – and one of the first members of the global UIPM community – to be directly affected by the pandemic.

Now the athlete, who also won gold at the UIPM 2019 Pentathlon World Championships alongside Mayan Oliver (MEX) in the Women’s Relay, is seeking to create something positive out of the publicity through the Mariana Arceo Foundation, which she had set up shortly before falling ill.

Originally conceived as a means of raising money for sports development, Arceo (MEX) is now using her foundation to channel donations towards the fight against COVID-19.

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