Monday, March 8

Helpless Ada West Assembly Member flees town to save his life

The Assembly member of the Ada West District Assembly, who was severely beaten in public by one Seth Sowu, is now in a hideout to save his life.

Mr Fredrick Nartey Dodzi who is no where around his own home, told the Ghana News Express in a telephone interview that his life is in danger and “there is no protection and no hope in sight”.

 The Assemblyman was allegedly  beaten by Seth Sowu, a man believed to be his political rival. 

Police Inspector Kwekuvi at the Dawa Police Station  confirmed to the Ghana News Express that the case had been duly reported and booked adding that the suspect  was arraigned before Court on Monday, 4th May 2020 but trial has been adjourned to Friday 8th May 2020.

Meanwhile the victim said after they returned from the court, he had more threats and no one would hear his story so he decided to flee to save his life.

He appealed to the President for state protection since whatever had brought the danger was as a result of his duties as an elected Assemblyman.

“Meanwhile, I am seeking refuge somewhere. I can’t take chances. I could be murdered like the Sogakorpe Assembly Member who lived just a bridge away,” he said. 

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