Monday, March 8

Investigate communal clash between Dabo and Kandiga-Youth group appeals to gov’t.

Concerned youth of Doba in the Kassena-Nankana Municipality in the Upper East Region have called on the government to, as a matter of urgency, set up a Commission of Inquiry to look into circumstances that led to the communal clash between the people of Doba and Kandiga.

At a press conference at the Doba Chief’s palace yesterday, the youth said the long standing land litigation will only be settled if the government intervenes and establish a commission of inquiry to investigate the matter and make recommendations.

Conflict broke out between the two towns last month when the Kandiga community decided to construct a police post and community-based health planning and service (CHIPS) compound at Akonkongo-Abempengo Electoral Area. 

The decision did not go down well with the chief and people of Doba who claimed that they were the right owners of the land proposed for the construction of the two projects. 

They said the people of Kandiga are settlers and, therefore, hold no right to construct such projects on the land. 

This resulted in gunshots leading to the death of a 78 year old man and burning of some houses and farms in the area.

The Regional Security Committee, in response, impose curfew in the two communities.

The spokesperson for the youth, Mr Clement Anontara  Asakiya , indicated that custom of the region demands that for any major development project to take place in a community ,  the “Tindana” (custodians of land) and the chief must be consulted  first.

He said the Tindina of Doba and the Chief were not contacted before they attempted to construct the two facilities and stressed that the two facilities should be suspended indefinitely until the matter is resolved to avoid further clashes.

The youth are also demanding that all government and private companies located on the parts of Doba land be prefixed with the name Doba and no other community name.

They further called on the government and the Electoral Commission to ensure that the Azaase  /Atosale and Abempengo Electoral areas are  prefixed with the name Doba and not Kandiga junction.

The Spokesperson entreated the military to be more professional in discharging their duties when dealing with the conflict and stop brutalizing community members in their homes.

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